A  Passion for the Craft

The best part of it all is the process.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland  in this century I am  an artist who works primarily in metal. For the most part I am self taught about art and sculpture. Most subjects I build have to do with Nature,Music and Films. I have  has won numerous awards for  creativity and workmanship  and have exhibited at many Shows, Art Galleries and Venues in United States and Abroad. I like using recycled metal when I find unique pieces  and I also like re-purposing when I can and when  it all works together and the end product looks right to me.

      This Art thing  started in High School for me. When I had an open class I would go to the library  and read about Art and Sculpture and other subjects. Once  I came  upon a book titled Direct Metal Sculpture by Dona Z Meilach and that really changed my mind about the idea and the way I thought of art and sculpture.

After studying this subject for a while I was really interested in trying to express my own ideas with sculpture. My Dad had a really nice workshop where he did woodworking and metalwork fabrication  and  other interesting projects.The shop had all the tools needed to make what ever a person could want. We worked together fixing  tractors and cars  and other machinery  and he would show me different things and teach me  how to use various tools and what they did. As time went by  I started learning how these elements could work  together to create form and beauty to create art. Since my teenage years I have worked  in several trades that gave me the  opportunity to learn many skills and apply them to Art and Sculpture.



Things to do with scrap metal

There’s something about a pile of scrap you just can’t resist!

 This is an example of organized  everyday scrap metal that can be found everywhere.

Abstract pieces like this one can be made any size and out of any material. This one is made with 1/8 inch steel and is  really  deteriorated from lying on  the ground for so long. 

Machinery and industrial parts make great abstract sculpture material and there is an abundance of materials to choose from if you are observant.

Time to Play 

It’s always time to play.

Let’s face it  there is a lot of old and antique and collectible objects you can incorporate into Sculpture. This flower  was made with a Murano Glass candy dish from the early 1960s that I found in an antique shop. 

This is just one more example of what playing around can get you. I have made over a hundred of these  abstract type  flowers these since this one (this  was the first). It is 27 inches tall and the glass is 9 inches across. The leaves are all forged and so is the stem.

Everything I make is a one-of-a-kind piece. I don’t copy  artwork that someone else has  made and I do not use patterns. There is a certain level of integrity in creating  your own ideas with your own techniques that at the end of the day you can stand back and say “I made that”. 


 Are you a Non-Profit Organization that needs help?

Every non-profit needs help in some way that’s why I donate to worthy causes that I believe in.



Please contact me personally  if you are  involved in a non-profit organization that needs help!

 I have donated many times to many charities that are on a mission. I have made special orders if the cause is  extremely interesting  and  needs special attention to be noticed. 

This is just a short list of the organizations I have had the honor to help over the years, Paws and Claws,Bayhealth Inc., The Humane Society,National Endowment for Arts, Percussive Arts Society,Smithsonian Institution,Breast Cancer Foundation,National Cancer Institute,Chesapeake Foundation,The Mayo Clinic, National Wildlife Federation,Safari International,Alzheimer’s Foundation,GreyHound.Org.,National Public Radio and many more charities that needed help.